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Leather Goods

Each of our creations is handcrafted, a testament to the precision and dedication that goes into their making. It’s these slight distinctions in every piece that stand as markers of their individuality.

Crafted from the finest, anticipate a beautiful evolution in its hue. This leather, by its nature, is sensitive, meaning it might develop characteristic marks or wrinkles over time—a sign of its authenticity and life’s experiences.

For Care and Preservation:

  • Cleaning: Before any treatment, gently cleanse using a damp cotton cloth. Should deeper cleaning be necessary, specific detergents tailored for this leather can be employed. Excessive moisture is not a friend; ensure it’s dry, and then nourish with creams or waxes suitable for full-grain leather.
  • Protection: Exercise caution against water. If exposed to moisture, delicately blot the leather with a gentle cloth. Be particularly vigilant during inclement weather; prolonged exposure can cause lasting damage.
  • Drying: Let it naturally dry at room temperature, steering clear from artificial heating sources.
  • Storage: Safeguard against potential discoloration by keeping it separated from other materials. The accompanying cloth sack is ideal for storage. Consider filling it gently to maintain its shape.
  • Handling: Heavy items can distort the leather’s form, so carry judiciously. Be observant of any shifts in color, especially after exposure to moisture.

Remember, our metal fittings, while sturdy, may acquire a vintage appeal with minor scratches or a subtle change in color over time.

Cotton and Tyvek

Cotton and Tyvek

In a world constantly evolving, we remain steadfast in our dedication to timeless quality. We meticulously curate materials that resonate with nature’s elegance, crafting each piece with an essence of authenticity. Dive deep into the narratives of our splendid cotton fabrics and avant-garde Tyvek.


Cotton Fabrics: Each thread of our cotton is a whisper of tradition entwined with refined sophistication. Its tactile luxury is a testament to nature’s wonder, requiring your gentle touch to flourish.

Elements to Tread Lightly Around:

  • Direct High Heat: It wishes to be caressed by cool breezes, not scalded in heat.
  • Harsh Chemicals: Such intruders might taint its natural grace.
  • Strain & Pressure: Treat it gently, lest it loses its delicate composure.

Elegance in Maintenance:

  • Wash in water’s gentle embrace, ideally below 40°C.
  • Let it bask and dry naturally, away from artificial warmth.
  • When wrinkles appear, let a soft iron’s warmth smooth them out, mirroring the cotton setting.
  • Should a stain appear, tend to it with a mild soap, like a gardener tending to a rose’s thorn.


Tyvek: Tyvek, the epitome of modern elegance, marries strength with finesse. Its lightweight character tells tales of innovation, cloaked in luxury’s embrace.

Cautionary Elements:

  • Harsh Cleansers: They threaten its innate ability to repel nature’s tears.
  • Abrupt Force: Elegance is its nature; handle with the grace it deserves.

The Art of Tyvek Care:

  • Cleanse its surface with the gentle touch of a damp sponge.
  • Let it rest in natural air; no artificial heat should disturb its peace.
  • Protect it from life’s sharper edges and heavy burdens.

With each material, we present a symphony of nature, innovation, and luxury. Entrusted to your care, these creations are poised to journey through time, narrating tales of elegance and the cherished moments they’ve witnessed.


If you have any questions or concerns about care, please contact us by e-mail